As you plan the trip of your lifetime, it might be a good idea to consider including an excursion into nature while enjoying the magnificent beauty Mauritius has to offer. If you are a fan of wildlife and nature in general, consider visiting Casela Nature & Leisure Park for an experience you won’t be able to replicate anywhere.

This natural adventure has something everyone will enjoy. It also gives you the chance to take advantage of some of the best opportunities for wildlife and nature photography that the world can offer. This vacation destination is definitely something that the whole family will remember for a lifetime.

If you have younger children in your family, they will be delighted with the petting farm, a place where they can really get close to animals from the area, and sometimes even take part in feeding them from a bottle. The staff at the farm are friendly and experienced, and love to teach children all about the animals in their care, giving everyone involved a chance to learn as well as have a good time.

Every family member will love going for a stroll with lions. This is a great chance to see that even the most fearsome wild creatures can be safe to interact with when they are cared for well. You could even make a feline friend or two when you interact with these gorgeous big cats.

While you are exploring the Casela Nature park, you might consider learning the fascinating skill of Nordic walking. Not only is it a great form of exercise, it is also tons of fun.

The single greatest aspect of the Casela Nature & Leisure park has to be the animals. There you will find emu, Egyptian geese, tortoises, impala, tigers, and zebras, along with lots of other species not found elsewhere in the world.

There are lots of activities you can take part in while enjoying the outdoors at Casela Nature park. Quad biking is popular, you can see how skilled you are at climbing wooden ladders, or if you are especially daring, you can go for a ride on a zipline. If you like fishing, there are ample opportunities to catch Tilapia, a popular food there. You won’t want to waste a single minute when you realize just how much there you can do on your trip. Thrilling your senses with the many outdoor activities available should be a key aspect of your trip.

Your escape out into nature is sure to build up an appetite, so make sure you visit the exquisite hunting lodge and restaurant at Casela Nature & Leisure Park. You can sample many of the traditional foods of Mauritius, in a beautiful atmosphere, and prepared by talented chefs. The restaurant is perfect whether you are hosting a business lunch or simply enjoying a meal with your family. After dining here, you are sure to head back home with a newfound favorite food to tell your friends about.

For fans of nature, and especially animals, no vacation to Mauritius would be complete without visiting Casela Nature & Leisure Park. It is sure to be a highlight of your trip.